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Welcome to MSS Ltd.

MSS Limited was incorporated in 1991. MSS Ltd has 11,000 square feet of warehouse space that contains over 16,000 inventory items. These items include medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, laboratory, radiology, home care, safety, first aid, outdoor safety, marine safety and janitorial products. MSS Ltd. has developed a purchasing network of over 1000 vendors to sell and distributes quality products. MSS Ltd Practices "good manufacturing" and ethical business practices that respect the community and the environment. MSS Ltd ensures each item will get to its destination quickly and efficiently. MSS Ltd. serves ambulance services, fire departments, industrial and marine companies, hospitals, health centres, homecare facilities, small clinics, and individual clients.

MSS promotes health lifestyles through promotion of cross country skiing and biathlon in the winter and paddle sports in the summer. Doug Swallow is Certified Level 3 Biathlon Coach and a canoe paddling instructor. MSS is proud of its outfitting division Canoe North.