Social benefit procurement dedicated to achieving reconciliation in action.

Supply chain equity requires Indigenous engagement

MSS is a leading nationwide Indigenous social benefit procurement enterprise dedicated to achieving reconciliation in action.

Embracing authenticity and partnerships, we bridge the gap between Indigenous communities and broader society, fostering economic and social well-being.

About us
Our commitment to truth, respect, and understanding ensures sustainable opportunities for Canada's Indigenous Peoples.

We are committed to social benefit and Indigenous procurement

To accelerate and advance the influence of Indigenous business across the supply chain procurement platforms of Canadian governments, institutions and industry to demonstrate Reconciliation in Action and serve as a catalyst for positive change that strives to accomplish social benefit procurement.

Our Purpose
  • Equality
  • Supply Chain Diversity
  • Meaningful Participation
  • Social Benefits

The Communities We Serve

Edmonton, Alberta Hay River, NWT Winnipeg, Manitoba Toronto, Ontario Montreal, Quebec Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Thunder Bay, Ontario Calgary, Alberta Prince George, British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia

Our Products


Enhancing wellness with essential supplies for personal and professional healthcare needs.


Protecting lives with reliable safety gear and equipment for various environments.


Boosting productivity with high-quality tools and machinery for industrial applications.

Emergency Preparedness

Be ready for any crisis with comprehensive emergency kits and supplies.

Solar & EV

Embrace sustainability with innovative solar energy and electric vehicle solutions.

Furniture & Fixtures

Elevate spaces with stylish and functional furniture and fixtures for homes and businesses.