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We develop long term partnerships based on respect, honesty, trust, transparency & performance.

We offer our partners a diverse platform of products, services and programs delivered over a national distribution network providing customized, value-based solutions and long-term growth.

We aim to maximize our social impact on the at-risk communities across Canada through innovation and program investment.

Outcome Driven Solutions

The MSS Team understands that our partners, our communities and our own team members can only move forward based on performance. We go to work every day with our mission in mind, aligned to our values while respecting & delivering the outcomes our partners require.

Through our customized procurement programs, cost effective and quality products, we provide a global supply chain with capacity, contingency and crisis management elements.

We cultivate a diverse leadership team and staff to develop excellent jobs in at-risk communities.


To achieve long term relationships bringing sustainability to our social enterprise. We will accelerate and advance the role of indigenous business making a positive impact for the benefit of all.


We are building a social enterprise diverse in its products and services that can participate in the Canadian economic engine in a meaningful way; providing good jobs, enhanced quality of life & increased prospects for the communities we support.

Some of Our Valued Partners

MSS is proud of its partnerships that include government, non-profit organizations, local communities and large businesses throughout the Territories and Provinces of Canada. These include Canada Post, DynaLife Medical Labs, BC hydro, Cenovus Energy, and many more.

Collaborative Partnerships

MSS invests in at-risk communities by forming collaborative partnerships with like-minded socially focused organizations in addition to funding programs through the Turtle Island Health & Research Society.

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We are a certified Aboriginal enterprise, committed to building and fostering relationships with indigenous people and other cultures.

We build successful engagements, relationships and partnerships to provide good jobs and better communities throughout Canada.

We make a concerted effort to diversify as much as possible in both the leadership and operational side of our organization.
MSS makes a concerted effort to hire from as many backgrounds as possible including heritage gender and education.

If you think that you would be a good fit for our diverse staff please email HR at because we are always looking for new team members.

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Ethical Model of Procurement

MSS Ltd Practices "good manufacturing" and ethical business practices that respect the community and the environment. MSS Ltd ensures each item will get to its destination quickly and efficiently. MSS Ltd. serves ambulance services, fire departments, industrial and marine companies, hospitals, health centres, homecare facilities, small clinics, and individual clients.