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Rielle Antoine 2006

Marshirette Mauricio 2009

Kristy-Ann Whalen 2010

Jocelyn Apps 2011

Tanya Silke 2012

Cali Groenheyde 2013

Ashley Debogorski 2014

The MSS Ltd. Nursing Bursary

The owners of MSS Ltd, Doug Swallow,BScN, RN and Bruce Sutherland, RN, Diploma in
PH have been nursing in The NWT since the late 1970's. They have worked in the
Eastern and Western Arctic in Health Centres, Public Health Units and Hospitals.
They are very much proponents of northern nursing and the development of a
northern nursing program. To assist students they offer a $1500.00 bursary which is
divided into two payments of $750.00 one for each semester. Funding of the 2nd semester
is dependant on successful completion of the 1st semester.

Students must be enrolled in the NWT Nursing program.

Please submit a report with the following information:

A. General Information
1. Name
2. Present Address
3. Telephone
4. Email Address

B. Career Goals & Plans to Work in the North.
1. What are your immediate plans upon completion of your study?
2. What are your long term goals?
3. Provide a 500 - 1000 word essay relevant to your course of study. Include
what strengths you would bring to nursing in the Northwest Territories.
4. Any other information you think might be applicable to this application.

C. Educational Background
1. Provide educational transcripts from graduating high schools, or college

D. Additional Criteria
1. Provide at least three written references.

2. A digital photo which will be displayed on our webpage if you are the successful candidate.

E. Submit to:
Fax to 1-800-661-0886 or mail to 47 Studney Drive, Hay River, NT., X0E 0R6

or email to