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James Hiebert Story

"Son of the North"

James Hiebert was born in Hay River, Northwest Territories on June 5th, 1982 to a Mohawk family with Annoeda heritage. The second of 8 siblings, James enjoyed a healthy childhood raised by his mother. Mother Katherine (from Brandtord, Ontario) and father James (from Saskatchewan), a lifelong roofer, both of whom had relocated from Saskatchewan to pursue a better life up North.

As a young Canadian, James had the classic dreams of NHL stardom and from the time he started walking, hockey, competition and responsibility were a part of his life.

He got his first job as a teenager, working in the oil and gas industry. James recalls: "From Day 1, I was taught to commit to my responsibilities with a serious work ethic and to never stop learning and improving. I was told this was the way of the North."

James Hiebert

Born Jun 5 1982 -- Hay River, NWT
As he grew and developed as an athlete, his dream of playing professional hockey became a reality. "I was always able to apply the lessons I had learned at home from my family as well as on the job to the art of being a good teammate." Both on and off the ice, James always strived to be the best teammate possible, backing up his "brothers" and being there for his friends off-ice, no matter what they needed.
As his hockey career took him through Swift Current, Laredo, Phoenix and San Antonio, James never stopped working. Whether it was as a labourer in the oil and gas industry, managing construction projects, working in the service industry or even as a Buffalo trapper, James was always able to quickly join a team and perform on the job.
Following his retirement from Hockey, James founded a business specializing in solar photovoltaics, named South Texas Solar. Being an entrepreneur and business owner has been his hardest but most rewarding professional experience. "It was scary at first. Really terrifying as a young kid from NWT, trying to be a successful business guy in America. But I knew if I stuck it out, the result would be great."
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"Our Solutions Are Indigenous"

After a decade of growth, James has clean energy offices in Texas, Winnipeg and Alberta. With an eye to have a business back home, James formed a partnership group comprised of former "hockey family members" and successfully acquired MSS LTD, a local Medical Supply Wholesale, from former mentors and MSS founders, Doug Swallow and Bruce Sutherland.

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A Personal Message From James Hiebert

By: James Hiebert

For me, Reconciliation is more than just a word.

On December 15th, 2015, the Prime Minister of Canada reiterated the Canadian Government's commitment to implementing the commission's Truth and Reconciliation recommendations. Prime Minister Trudeau described how meaningful Reconciliation with indigenous people is possible and achievable through nation-to-nation, government-to-government, and indigenous- to-crown relationships based on recognition of rights and respect cooperation and partnership as the foundation for transformational change. To ensure accountability, a subsequent council was announced in December 2016 to monitor Reconciliation's implementation and realization throughout Canada.

My organization, Medical Surgical & Safety (MSS), accepts that truth and Reconciliation cannot be the sole responsibility of government and indigenous leaders. Corporate Canada must also implement it in partnership with all Canadian citizens, who must play a role.

Achieving economic equality is a crucial aspect of healing our country.

Equal access to opportunities in the private sector will result in good jobs and better communication with the Indigenous private sector, a necessary component of a sustainable future. This equality will ensure that indigenous businesses develop long-term, sustainable benefits from economic partnerships and projects.

MSS is committed to engaging with first nation bands, provincial and federal governments, agencies, academic institutions, non-profits and leading Canadian businesses. We aim to create a "national aboriginal wholesale distribution network" by demonstrating leadership and performance in the business sectors we operate. Through meaningful opportunities, we will participate in the Canadian economic engine and be a role model of "Reconciliation In Action" for aboriginal youth and communities throughout Canada.

I believe that we are all here to stay, and we must continue to build relationships of trust, mutual respect and support. The road to Reconciliation may be extended and challenging, but it is a road that all people, indigenous and otherwise, must walk together.