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Story of MSS

Medical Surgical & Safety Supplies L.T.D. is a certified aboriginal company founded in 1992 in Hay River, Northwest Territories. 

MSS is a people-oriented business that has evolved during the last 30 years into a fully integrated wholesale distribution network.

We distribute to hubs in the NWT, Yukon, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario & Quebec.

Community Impact Statement

James Hiebert - Indigenous President statement.

“The mission of our company is to be a trusted and valued partner in the delivery of healthcare services; that is focused on enhanced outcomes and a client friendly experience. Our values of respect, honesty, trust, transparency, and performance define our day-to-day culture at MSS as we strive to be a proud Canadian aboriginal enterprise.”

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Certified Aboriginal Company

MSS is the largest Canadian aboriginal wholesale company building bridges between First Nation bands, indigenous and non-indigenous populations, communities & businesses.

More Information

What Defines MSS as an Aboriginal Company

Aboriginal Company

MSS is committed to promoting the culture and rights of the indigenous community throughout Canada.

Aboriginal Entrepreneur Leader

James Hiebert demonstrates a clarity of purpose and strong leadership in engaging MSS into the Canadian economic engine to provide good jobs, enhance quality of life and community prosperity.

Aboriginal Workforce

MSS has invested into our people and community, by committing to protect the health and safety of all individuals and the environment. We offer employment and training opportunities to local aboriginal individuals including women & youth.

Respect, Recognition and Responsibility

Whether you and your grandparents were born here, or whether you came from somewhere else, you know the two main things that make the Northwest Territories special are the people and the spectacular landscapes. Those whose ancestry here stretches back thousands of years – Aboriginal people – have always governed themselves in a way that reflects their unique history and relationship to the land.